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375 Banquet Seating Capacity

Total seating capacity but also additional space for standing guests.

Concert Setup Capacity

400 standing, 375 seated with no tables is perfect for a music, show or concert event.

Spacious 5200 Square Feet

Lots of room for all your guests to be comfortable, relaxed and lots of elbow room for a good time.

Large Hardwood Dance Foor

Huge 39’x34′ Provides plenty of room for a bride and groom along with all their guests to show off their latest dance moves.

Elevated Stage Overlooks the Dance Floor

Your DJ’s and speakers love the location and size of the stage. The perfect spot for every guest to see and hear.

Space for a DJ Booth or Live Band

DJ’s love to command the stage and control the mood of the celebration. This location gives them the perfect spot. And live bands will have all the room they need.

Free Convenient Parking

Huge parking with over 150 parking spaces close and convenient. Directly in front of the building at main entrance.

Covered Portico Drop Off

A little bit of rain? No problem for you and your guests. Drive up to our covered drop off area directly at the main entrance.

Handicap Parking

Plenty of handicap parking spaces, convenient to main entrance along with ramps for easy access into building.

Large Built-in Bar Area

Complete with coolers and large ice machine, everything included in all our rental packages.

Full Kitchen

Beautiful, clean and fully stocked kitchen with warming ovens, microwave, steam tray table, large coolers & ice machine, storage area available for heating, storing and serving.

Dressing Area

Guests of honor can come to their party fresh and comfortable using our dressing area. Available with Ceremony + Reception package.

Projection Screen

Entertain your guests with video and slideshows with our overhead projection screens. Those early childhood photos bring back fond memories and they are always a crowd pleaser!

Choice of Tables

Design the perfect seating arrangement with your choice of round or rectangular tables or use both for your very own design. Chairs are also provided.

Non-Smoking Facility

Our building is smoke free but we provide a large outside area for guests to enjoy their favorite cigar or smoke.

In-House Catering

Need us to handle everything for you, including catering? Sit back and enjoy the celebration and we will take care of the food and service. You deserve to be the one being served and pampered!

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